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Woodland Park Pet Boarding​

Woodland Park Pet Boarding

Compassion Animal Hospital strives to make going out of town simple and stress-free with our exceptional pet boarding services and facilities. If you are planning a vacation or will be away from your pet for another reason, we encourage you to board your pets with our dedicated, experienced veterinary staff. We do everything we can to keep pet guests comfortable, happy, and safe while their families are away.

Safe and Stress-Free Pet Boarding

To ensure your pet’s safety and health, all pets are kept under close supervision by our veterinary staff. Our boarding facility is kept clean and free from unvaccinated animals. Our experienced staff administers all medications your pet requires, as prescribed, and your pet will have access to a comfortable, quiet space and plenty of fresh water and food.

With even the best care and facilities, pets sometimes experience anxiety while in boarding due to being separated from their families and familiar surroundings. We closely monitor all of our pet guests for unusual behavior and ensure they receive plenty of exercise and attention to help relieve stress while you are away. In addition, we feed all pets according to their owners’ specifications to reduce disruptions to your pet’s normal daily schedule. We provide all of our pet guests with a healthy diet, but always welcome you to leave your pet’s regular food with us when you drop off your cat or dog. We also recommend packing a few of your pet’s favorite toys, pillows, or blankets to provide comfort while they stay with us.

If your pet displays any unusual symptoms or concerning behavior, such as a lack of appetite, vomiting, or unusual bowel movements, Dr. Cooper will be available to examine your pet. We always contact pet owners before administering treatment. If, however, we are unable to reach you in an emergency situation, our veterinarian will provide the necessary treatment to ensure your pet’s health and safety.

Safe And Stress-Free Pet Boarding​

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