Veterinary Surgery in Woodland Park

Veterinary Surgery in Woodland Park

At Compassion Animal Hospital, we truly care about all of our pet patients and their human companions, and we understand that your pet’s health and wellbeing are essential to your pet’s happiness and quality of life. We take extra care before, during and after both routine and more complicated surgical procedures to make sure each of our furry patients receives the best possible veterinary care in a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

Preparing for Your Pet’s Woodland Park Surgical Procedure

Before your cat or dog undergoes surgery, Dr. Cooper will perform a thorough physical examination and possibly take blood tests to ensure your pet is healthy enough to receive treatment and undergo anesthesia. During your pet’s physical examination, we will also discuss the proper pre-operative and post-operative steps which you will need to follow to ensure your pet is ready for his or her procedure and to provide him or her with the necessary care following surgery.

Surgery for Pets in Woodland Park
Following some surgical procedures, pets might need to remain in the hospital for a short stay. After other surgeries, some pets can safely go home the same day. We will be sure to talk with you about your pet’s surgery schedule and any directions you might need to follow the night before (such as no food or water for a certain number of hours).
Veterinary Laser Surgery in Woodland Park

Experienced Care at the Forefront of Veterinary Medicine

At Compassion Animal Hospital, our veterinary surgeon, Dr. Cooper, combines invaluable experience with the latest advancements in veterinary technology to provide our furry patients with the best care possible and their (less furry) human companions with peace of mind.
We offer laser surgery, as an alternative to traditional surgical methods, for a number of surgical procedures. Considered a superior method, laser surgery improves patient outcomes by reducing swelling, bleeding and trauma at the surgical site, while also reducing post-operative pain and speeding patient recovery time.

Veterinary Surgery: Top-Quality Care with Your Woodland Park Veterinarian

Whether your pet requires a routine spay, neuter or tooth extraction, or a more complicated surgical procedure, you can rest easy, knowing your pet is in good hands at Compassion Animal Hospital. During procedures, we update you on your pets’ progress, and we welcome you to talk with Dr. Cooper or another member of our veterinary team about any concerns you might have regarding your pet’s veterinary surgery.
Cat Laser Surgery in Woodland Park