Dog Grooming

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Dog Grooming​ near Woodland Park, CO

Dog Grooming

At Compassion Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing our furry patients with comprehensive wellness care. For many, this includes regular bathing and grooming from a certified, experienced groomer. Compassion Animal Hospital proudly offers pet patients with a complete list of grooming services administered by a professionally trained groomer with a gentle touch. Compassion Animal Hospital always provides furry friends safe, stress-free experiences with our groomer.

Dog Grooming Services

We offer a variety of dog grooming services aimed to keep your pet clean, healthy, and well-maintained. Our grooming services include:

Why Groom Your Pets?

Grooming your dog is about more than giving him a sweet smell, fluffier fur, or keeping your carpets clean; grooming actually keeps dogs healthy by improving their overall wellness. The following are some of the many benefits of dog grooming:
Dog grooming not only improves your pet’s health, but will also ensure that your pet is comfortable wearing his or her natural coat.
Safe and Clean Grooming for dogs Woodland Park, CO

Dog Grooming Requirements

To ensure the safety and cleanliness of our grooming facilities, we require pets have certain vaccinations. These include rabies, bordetella, and distemper. If you have any questions regarding your pet’s grooming eligibility, we welcome you to contact our office.

Pamper Your Pet with Wellness

At Compassion Animal Hospital, our groomer is highly trained for your pet’s safety and have extensive experience working with a variety of breeds. To ensure timely and thorough grooming services, we welcome furry clients by appointment only. Pamper your pet with wellness. Contact our office to schedule your dog’s next grooming appointment.

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