Pet Euthanasia in Woodland Park, CO

Pet Euthanasia

From the moment you adopt a new cat or dog, they become a true part of your family. At Compassion Animal Hospital, we understand that you want your pets to have the best. When recovery from an illness or injury is no longer possible for a pet, pet owners are faced with determining what type of care is right for their pet. When a pet nears his or her final moments, Dr. Cooper will be here to help you navigate these difficult moments and alleviate your pet’s suffering with end of life care and euthanasia.

How to Recognize When a Pet Is Ready for End of Life Care or Euthanasia

When a pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness or injury, Dr. Cooper will work with you to determine whether palliative care is possible. Palliative care is the end of life care that shifts the focus from curing a disease to treating symptoms and maintaining a pet’s quality of life. End of life care provides comfort to a terminal pet with treatments that help maintain body temperature, hydration, nutrition, and mobility while managing pain. Palliative care remains a compassionate option for pets as long as they are comfortable and not suffering.
Euthanasia for dogs in Woodland Park, CO
At the end of a pet’s life, health conditions can shift rapidly. If a pet stops eating and drinking, struggles to breathe, or has unmanageable pain, then it might be time to consider euthanasia, which prevents further suffering by providing the pet with a more compassionate passing.

What to Expect During Euthanasia

Before a pet’s procedure, we’ll discuss aftercare options with you and also get your signed consent. We always welcome the family of a patient to be present to provide their furry family member comfort during a euthanasia procedure. Euthanasia is performed in a quiet, comfortable room to minimize stress. The patient will be given a sedative for relaxation and comfort. An overdose of an intravenous anesthetic is then administered, which allows the pet to pass away peacefully.

Compassionate and Professional Guidance During Your Pet's Final Moments

Making decisions on your pet’s behalf, during his or her final moments, can be daunting. Having the advice and support of veterinary experts can ease anxiety for both you and your pet. At Compassion Animal Hospital, Dr. Cooper and the rest of our veterinary staff are always here to provide you with professional guidance and compassionate support throughout your pet’s end of life care and final moments. If you are concerned about your pet’s condition, we welcome you to contact our office at any time.
Professional Pet Euthanasia in Woodland Park, CO

End Of Life Care

We work with Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services to help elderly patients in pain. They offer communal, partitioned, private, and equine cremation, as well as viewing and visitation services, so that you can choose the best way to honor your pet as you say goodbye. Please view their website for more information.