Dog & Cat Vaccinations near Woodland Park, CO

Dog & Cat Vaccinations

At Compassion Animal Hospital, our high-quality wellness care focuses on protecting Woodland Park pets from ever having to endure the pain, discomfort and risks associated with contracting preventable diseases. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, an integral component of your pet’s wellness care is preventing disease with vaccination.

How Do Vaccines Work?

When your pet is exposed to a contagious disease, the body’s immune system produces antibodies, which are designed specifically to combat each type of disease. After exposure to a certain disease, the immune system remembers (in a sense) how to fight it, preventing the body from falling ill again. When vaccinated, pets are exposed to dead or partial viruses, which cannot infect pets, but effectively prompt the immune system to produce antibodies, protecting pets from illness.
Cat Vaccinations near Woodland Park, CO

Why Should My Pet Get Vaccinated?

Vaccines protect pets from common diseases, which are considered very severe and dangerous. In other words, most vaccines are designed to safeguard your pet’s life. Some of these diseases, like rabies, are zoonotic, meaning they can also be contracted by humans. Vaccinations for zoonotic diseases protect the human members of your family, too.

Which Vaccinations Should My Pet Have?

Pet vaccinations are separated into two categories: core vaccinations and non-core vaccinations.
Pet Vaccinations near Woodland Park, CO

Dr. Cooper will discuss all of your choices regarding vaccinations for your cat or dog to help you make the best choice for your furry family member’s health.

Vaccines for Pets near Woodland Park, CO

Are There Any Risks Associated with Vaccinating Pets?

Vaccinations are considered a medical procedure, and they do come with a minimal risk of adverse reaction. In spite of the potential risk, most veterinarians agree that the multitude of benefits of vaccinations far outweighs any possible risk.

Scheduling Dog Vaccinations and Cat Vaccinations in Woodland Park

Dr. Cooper will help you determine a vaccination and booster schedule for your pet’s dog vaccinations or cat vaccinations. This vaccination schedule is based on your pet’s age, medical history and previous vaccinations. To learn more about pet vaccinations or to schedule a preventative care appointment, we invite you to contact Compassion Animal Hospital today.