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When a pet is sick or injured, it can be difficult to determine the underlying cause of illness or the extent of injury without being able to look inside the cat or dog's internal structures. X-ray imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows our veterinarian, Dr. Cooper, to get a better look at your pet's bone structure and internal organs without the need for exploratory surgery. X- rays allow us to make a more accurate diagnosis and devise a more effective treatment plan for pets.

When X-Rays Are Recommended

Dr. Cooper might recommend taking x-rays for a number of reasons. The most common situations in which x-rays are recommended is to diagnose the extent of a traumatic injury, to evaluate a broken bone, to locate an ingested foreign object, or when there are undiagnosed symptoms present in a pet.
Depending on a cat or dog’s condition and medical history, we might also recommend digital x-rays during a pet’s dental exam or regular wellness appointment, as a part of their normal preventative care routine.
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Why We Choose Digital Radiographs Over Traditional X- Rays

Digital radiographs are x-ray images that are similar to traditional x-rays, but they don't require film, chemical processing, or nearly as much developing time. They’re also a lot safer because they require a shorter exposure time, which exposes pets to less x-ray radiation. Digital radiographs are taken in a similar fashion to regular x-rays, but they use a computer to capture the image, rather than film. As a result, digital x-rays produce high-resolution images that are easy to enhance, manipulate, and share.

What to Expect During Your Pet's Digital X-Ray Appointment

Digital x-rays are quick and painless. Since the necessary exposure time is short, many pets can remain calm and still for the duration of the x-rays, without requiring any form of sedation. Agitated pets or pets that are in pain might require sedation for accurate images to be captured. Dr. Cooper will always discuss this with you prior to the appointment and will also perform necessary screening tests and a complete physical examination to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo sedation.
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Digital Radiology at Compassion Animal Hospital

Digital Radiology at Compassion Animal Hospital

At Compassion Animal Hospital in Woodland Park, we use the best diagnostic tools available to ensure safe and effective treatment for our pet patients. For more information about diagnostic testing, we welcome you to contact us today.