Veterinary Diagnostics & Laboratory Services Woodland Park, CO

Veterinary Diagnostics & Laboratory Services

When it comes to treating any medical condition, early detection and treatment is essential to preventing serious illness and successfully treating the disease. Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us what’s wrong when they aren’t feeling well. In fact, most are experts at instinctively concealing illnesses, not displaying any behavioral changes until a disease or condition has progressed significantly and they begin experiencing severe symptoms.

How and When Diagnostics and Laboratory Tests Help Us Care for Your Pet

Veterinary diagnostics and lab testing can speak for your pet. Diagnostics are used when your pet is experiencing discomfort. In these situations, lab tests can reveal to our veterinarian exactly why your pet is not feeling well and/or what health condition your pet has. With the valuable information gained from laboratory testing, we will be able to create a treatment plan for your pet specifically designed to ease your pet’s symptoms and to address any underlying conditions.
Diagnostics And Laboratory for Pets
Diagnostic tests are also sometimes taken as a regular part of wellness to create a baseline of your pet’s health and to screen for diseases which are common to your pet’s species, breed or age. In addition, laboratory testing (especially blood chemistry) are used prior to any surgeries or procedures which require general anesthesia to ensure a pet is healthy enough to be safely anesthetized.

Diagnostic Testing Available at Compassion Animal Hospital

At Compassion Animal Hospital, we strive to provide only the highest level of care to our Woodland Park patients. Our in-house laboratory uses the most advanced techniques and equipment available to veterinary medicine to get answers and provide information quickly. Our in-house diagnostic capabilities include:

Diagnostic tests help us gain a complete picture of your pet’s overall health and specific medical problems. Not all pets will require every type of diagnostic test available. Dr. Cooper will select specific tests based on your pet’s symptoms and behavior.

For more information about diagnostics at Compassion Animal Hospital or to schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact our office.